Temporary Storage

Short term storage is usually described as storing things for less than three months. When you're in a pinch, temporary self storage units are very useful when you need a little extra room to store your belongings.

Short Term Self Storage is Great For:

  • Home renovations: If you want to finally expand that room all Feng Shui style, or just give it a fresh coat of paint, then temporary storage is perfect. Keep all your furniture safe and sound while you redesign your home.
  • Moving: Many people need temporary self storage units to cover their relocation to a new home or apartment. This is usually common in situations where the date you are moving our doesn't coincide with the date you are moving into your new place. It's always great to have somewhere safe to temporarily store your belongings.
  • Businesses: Besides moving into a new home, another use for short term self storage is to help make the transition between new offices easier. If you have equipment to keep safe while setting up your new space, then it's a great idea to keep it securely stored in a storage unit.
  • Christmas presents: What better way to surprise your family with Christmas gifts than to pretend like you didn't get them anything at all? It's kind of hard to hide a brand new bike and keep it safe. Why not rent a temporary storage unit for a month?

Short term storage tips

  • Don't buy expensive storage containers if you don't plan on storing your belongings for very long. Cardboard boxes with enough padding for valuable should do the trick.
  • Pack all your large things like furniture and important items at the front of your unit. You'll want to move them first into your new location, so make sure they are easy to access.

Choose Henlopen Storage for your temporary storage needs

Henlopen Storage in Lewes, Delaware is the perfect choice for all of your temporary storage needs because we:

  • Have more space per square foot than our competitors
  • Have easy drive-up access to all of our units
  • Implement state of the art security to keep all your belongings safe
  • Have flexible payment options
  • And have no minimum storage time requirements